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Belpahar town is an important municipality town in Jharsuguda District in Odisha state. The town is important primarily because of its proximity to many coal mines, which today have become an important pillar of its local economy. The town is equally located very near to headquarter city of Jharsuguda. Besides, It is also very well connected to rest of Odisha and rest of India via road and train services. Owing to all these factors Belpahar town today depicts a very encouraging and promising future.
About Belpahar
Belpahar Railway Station

Economy of Belpahar

All the nearby operational coal mines are but certainly heart and soul of Belpahar’s local economy. The three biggest coal mines that are currently in and around Belpahar are IB Thermal Power Plant, TRL Krosaki Ltd (formerly Tata Refactories Limited) and Mahanadi Coal Field. All these large coal mines are generating humongous employment for locals of Belpahar town. Besides, these coal mines are of course very critical for drawing huge investment and generating sizable revenue for the town. There are also other innumerable industries that are operating in and around this town. Among them the most prominent ones are New Simplex Industries, Shyam Engineering Works, ICI Chemicals and IB Valley Metal Forming (P) Ltd. Formidable presence of all these industries and innumerable coal mines clearly symbolizes industrial prowess of this small town. Apart from industries, Belpahar town is also home to very bustling service sector.

TRL Krosaki Refractories Limited
Address: Belpahar Ho, Odisha 768218
Phone no: +91 6645 258 377

Healthcare Services in Belpahar

Belpahar town boosts healthcare infrastructure that is pretty efficient on all the important fronts. Be it on the critical front of hospitals or be it on the front of basic services like Chemist shops and General clinics. Presence of decent numbers of well equipped hospitals are good enough to look after all its local patients, including all its critically ill patients as well. Here mention of Jehangir Ghandy Hospital is very important, as it is the most advanced and well equipped hospital of Belpahar town. Laced with many advanced facilities and medical infrastructure, this local hospital can very efficiently cure all major diseases and healthcare problems. Belpahar’s proximity to Brajarajnagar and Jharsuguda towns also augurs well for all its local patients. This is because both these commercial towns have no dearth of well equipped hospitals. Coming to basic services, then as we’d said earlier that services are pretty efficient on this front as well. Hordes of Chemist shops and General clinics are present in all the important commercial areas of this town.

Jehangir Ghandy Hospital
Address: Belpahar, Odisha 768218
Phone no: 06645 258 377

Chemist Shops in Belpahar

Pradhan Medical Store
Address: Belpahar Rs, Near Railway Station, Jharsuguda – 768217
Phone no: +(91)-9438336281

Meher Medical Store
Address: Belpahar Fatak, Belpahar Rs, Jharsuguda - 768217
Phone no: +(91)-9937170308

New Life Medical Store
Address: Belpahar Fatak, Belpahar Rs, Jharsuguda – 768217
Phone no: +(91)-6645-251281, +(91)-9437346312

Unique Medicine
Address: Gumadera, Main Road, Belpahar, Jharsuguda – 768218
Phone no: +(91)-9178881788

Transportation Services in Belpahar

Since Belpahar is an important industrial town, it obviously has a very robust public transportation service. Starting with local transportation, then this industrial town has no dearth of auto rickshaws. Local commuters can very easily avail auto rickshaws from literally any part of the town. Auto rickshaws here though cover not just Belpahar town, but also cover important adjoining cities like Jharsuguda and Brajarajnagar. This fact obviously augurs well for local commuters. Coming to connectivity, then via bus service Belpahar town is very well connected to Rourkela, Bhubaneswar, Sambalpur, Bhadrak and Raipur. Belpahar’s connectivity with Chhattisgarh capital Raipur is mainly due to passing of National Highway No 200 from this town. Lastly, Belpahar Railway station is very important for connectivity of this town. Mainly because it is not only directly connected to many prominent cities of Odisha, but also to prominent cities of India.

Tourist Attractions in Belpahar

As much an industrial town, Belpahar is also scenically beautiful town. This is partly why few very scenic tourist spots are located nearby it. Mentioned below are some of the brief details of these spots.

Koili Ghoghar: This scenic spot is located just 45 kms away from Belpahar Railway Station. It home to a beautiful river that cascades through rock. When viewed along with adjoining lush greenery, it makes for a breathtaking view. People from far across places come here to enjoy this breathtaking view.

Ullapgarh: This is a hillock that is located just 15 minutes away from Belpahar Railway Station. The entire hillock is completely covered with lush greenery, and when one gets to view these lush green patches right from top of the hillock, then it is absolutely breathtaking. However, before beholding this breathtaking view of, one will have to summon lot of effort to climb strenuous steep of this hillock.

Banking Services in Belpahar

With very strong economic fundamentals at its helm, Belpahar town efficiently offers all modern banking services to its citizens. Currently there are many reputed banks that are operating their branches in and around Belpahar town. Most of these banks are nationalized PSU banks. They have been operating their branches in this town for nearly a decade and boost thousands of loyal customers. Apart from reputed banks, small cooperative banks and micro finance companies are also present in pretty good numbers here. Although they may not be as trust worthy as reputed commercial banks are, but their services is equally valued and availed by local people here.

Bank of Baroda
Address: Ground Floor, Plot No 1667 6860, ITI Road Railway Phatak ,Belpahar Jharsuguda, Orissa - 768217

Central Bank of India
Address: Belpahar Refractories Co - operative Society Bldg. At & P.O. Belpahar, Dist - Jharsuguda, Orissa - 768218
IFSC Code: CBIN0280998
Phone no: 06645-250423

Andhra Bank
Address: Near Banharpali, I.B. Thermal Power Station, PO - Adhapada, via - Belpahar, dist - Sambalpur, Pin - 768217
IFSC Code: ANDB0000662
Phone no: 06645-222266

State Bank of India
Address: IB Thermal Complex, Banaharpal via Belpahar, Distt. Jharsuguda, Orissa 768217
IFSC Code: SBIN0009510
Phone no: 06645-222287

Safety and Security in Belpahar

Talking specifically about local police station, then currently it has 1 Inspector, 6 Asst. Sub Inspectors, 8 Constables and 29 Home Guards. With such impressive bench strength of officials to depend on, it is fully capable of coping with any minor as well as major law and order issues. Besides, its mere presence goes a long way in assuring local people as well as business organization about their safety and security.

Belpahar Police Station
Lakhanpur Road, Belpahar, Jharsuguda- 768217
Near District Central Co-Operative Bank
(06645) 250242

Belpahar at a glance

Country : India
State : Odisha
District : Jharsuguda
• Official : Oriya
Time zone : IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN : 768217
Vehicle registration : OR-23/OD-23
STD Code: 06645
Pin code: 768218, 768217

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